Fan Mails from Boston, Beaglechusetts

Q: Why do beagles always sniff everything?

A: Well, Ames can only speak for Ames self, but Ames sniffs everything because you never, ever know, but one day, when you least expect it, there could be, like, literally, an entire jar of peanut butter hiding behind something.

For Ames, finding that jar would be the ultimate jackpot. If Ames found seven jars at once, he would probably just retire from sniffing all together.

Ames heard that a puggle found like, half a hamburger once. Also, this one time Ames was sniffing a stereo cabinet and he found a half-eaten candy bar but some fascist pulled it out of Ames’ mouth before he could eat it. Lame, bro.

*eye roll*