Fan Mails from Boston, Beaglechusetts

Q: Is it true you can never be off leash?

A: It really depends on who you ask. These people I live with are a couple of tyrants so if you ask them, then yes, it is true, Ames can never be off leash.

BUT IF YOU ASK AMES, then totally TOTALLY false. Ames can totally be off leash. This one time, I saw a door open and I was like, YOLO!!!!! GOING OUT BRO!!!!! Then I ran down the street, played dodge the cars in traffic, stopped all the traffic, took the people I live with on a surprise two mile run and played hide and seek with them and was followed by a rogue mini van until all the fascists could contain me again.

I’m totally cool off leash, though. Don’t even worry about it. Srsly.

*you know it wink*